Wednesday, 9 March 2011

10th March - 2011......another glorious sunset from my back door.....these amazing sunsets certainly make up for the long, dry, hot days. God's stamp saying "I am still in control"


  1. True artist in you has to keep looking around at all that is lovely. I just love my camera and the detail that you miss with the naked eye. I photographed a lizard basking on the rock the other day only to find when I got home and looked at it on the compurter, that there was a baby just below it. I only have a kodak but it is a great little camera. Enjoy. I will be watching this space.

  2. aaah how wonderful Fran, it is amazing wot we find out of the dusty, dry places in our lives........ just love snapping away!! enjoy snapping to, u r taking amazing pics.......