Sunday, 23 September 2012

David Livingstone - The Truth behind the Legend - by Rob Mackenzie - A must read

I have just finished reading an amazing book entitled "David Livingstone" the Truth behind the Legend.  It was written by an old friend of mine Rob Mackenzie - a Zimbabwean.  The first edition was published in 1993 and a movie is being made of it which will be out within the next few years.  It is an excellent look at the man, first and foremost as a christian missionary and then as an explorer and traveller.
I am living in the very place he often stopped and made a base, Tete, Mozambique. On his first visit here in March 1856 he was shocked to see so many slaves.  Of a population of 4000 only 350 of the inhabitants were not slaves and only 30 were Portugese.
He made many more visits to Tete by travelling the Zambezi in his vessles or dugouts, always with difficulties of shallow waters and shifting sand banks.  It was a place where he often had to recuperate from Malaria!!  (and most probably got it too!)
What a legend, what a man.