Tuesday, 9 August 2011

this old lady certainly doesnt have a very pleasant job but still had lots of smiles for me :) They sit in the very hot sun alongside the main road, breaking rocks for the booming building industry in Tete city.........


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  2. Las fotos son muy buenas.

    Que pena de anciana, pero me figuro, que alcanzaran la ancianidad, con una edad mediana que en otros países aún no se les puede decir ancianos.

    Y me figuro es afortunada por tener ese trabajo.

    Saludos de Manolo. de Sevilla - España

  3. Thankyou so much Manolo. Our lives are certainly very different, and I enjoy showing you my surrounds as I like viewing yours...... Life for the poor is very tough here, but they still smile and are happy, as they no no other way of life. Greeting from Tete, Mozambique Gigi