Thursday, 5 May 2011

took my 2 little ducks (now identified as whistlers) to visit with their friends next door ....I tied blue ribbon around their necks to identify them - well....after much ducking and diving and having tremendous fun - alas - the ribbons were lost!! The result........decided to leave them with their friends, will go and visit them often :)


  1. heehee, miss their whistling :( xx

  2. Hello Gigi

    I am diddys son in Australia, she might have mentioned me. I really like and appreciate you blog and look forward to seeing more pictures. My mum goes on and on about these ducks, they bring her a lot of joy. Keep the pictures coming.


  3. Hi Kevin, great to meet you !!

    yes she loves her ducks as I love mine ( we will b sad when they take off) must b the empty nest syndrome heeheee :) I just love your Mom, and its now great to have a friend who loves coming with me to wierd places like dirty markets to get great shots!! take care