Friday, 18 November 2011

this might not be an incredible photograph but believe it has a story to tell me (and maybe you)......... I was focusing on the amazing "technicoloured" sunset, but it's only when I downloaded it onto my computer, that I noticed the bird! "I might be looking for and at the "noticeable" things of life, but HE is always there, softly, gently, unobtrusivley, guiding me. Not seen, but very much there........May you all have a glorious weekend, we have much to give thanks for........


  1. I am fascinated by these pictures ... of course, well done ...
    A large collection!

  2. Dit is geweldig!
    Prettig weekend

    Gigi. Ik zette mijn blog op:
    Wij zijn een groep vrienden blogger.

  3. A wonderful thought for the weekend! I really loved the family outing picture too. Blessings!

  4. Thankyou Remel, Laura and the Crawfords, I adore sharing my little area with the world...... Happy Sunday....