Tuesday, 17 April 2012

just love the light, when its just right...........


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    1. thankyou so much Leonardo. I love showing the world what we have on our doorstep here in Mozambique........

  2. hello there - i'm the Baobab investor who emailed you a couple of times last year -
    i look in at your blog from time to time. i find this picture amazing - an actual dugout canoe.. shocking! i'm just thinking about the practicalities of making one, compared to getting hold of a basic punt or dinghy. it means the maker had 1 tool, no cash and no one to sell his labour to. do you punt it along while standing on the little platform? & how is the wood worth nothing? & what do they catch the fish with? and so on..

  3. Hi Chris, How u doing? These are usually made from one tree trunk which is even more amazing and they just scoop out the middle, from what I can gather. This must have been one amazing tree..........I just love snapping these, of all shapes, sizes and varities all along the Zambezi. They usually have fishing rods made with a stick but the majority of fishing is done with nets..... These people are dirt poor, so `ready made´ punts or dinghies are totally out of the question, and u wont see any around.......